About the site

Truly Fallacious was created in order to teach people about logic in a format which anyone can follow.

Originally organized as a lecture at Murray State University in Kentucky, this site will walk you through every major fallacy and provide you with real world examples.

Logic, and the fallacies which betray it, are the cornerstone of reason and rational thought. Before you try and convince others what you feel is true, be sure it stands up to logic.

Questioning a claim? Truly Fallacious may already have a review of it. Avoid making a Truly Fallacious mistake, learn your fallacies.

I like feedback. Feel free to contact Truly Fallacious.

About the author

My name is Edward Webber and I’m the Director of Planning for the Secular Humanist Alliance, a web developer, psychology buff, lover of logic and lifelong learner. I’ve always been an atheist and skeptic, but only recently began actively participating in the atheist movement.

I give lectures at the local university and volunteer at my local secular and freethought groups on a regular basis. I have a passion for horses, sailing, DIY projects and living a critically examined life. I hope you enjoy learning from this site.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions regarding content or if you see a false claim or fallacy of my own.

Get in touch

I’m always on the lookout for fresh fallacy examples, especially quotes from famous people.

In addition, if you have a news article or popular opinion piece which contains an overabundance of fallacies, please send me the link and I’ll try to add a dissection of it.

Some praise now and then is appreciated, too :)