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Burden of Proof

Asserting the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim, but with someone else to…


Why logic is vital

Even a perfectly formed argument, where everything is factual, based on scientific double blind studies and extensive research,…

why are planets like meatballs

Anecdotal Fallacy

Using personal experience or an isolated example instead of a valid argument, especially to dismiss statistics. Global warming?…

sharpshooter - Global Temps1970-2008

Sharpshooter Fallacy

Selectively choosing data clusters to suit an argument, or finding a pattern to fit a presumption. An off-shoot…

math fallacy

Non Sequitur

An argument in which its conclusion does not follow from its premises. In a non sequitur, the conclusion…

false cause

False Cause

Presuming that a real or perceived relationship between things means that one is the cause of the other….

red harring

Red Herring

Presenting an irrelevant topic in order to divert attention from the original issue. Red Herring! The red herring…