Sharpshooter Fallacy

sharpshooter - Global Temps1970-2008

Selectively choosing data clusters to suit an argument, or finding a pattern to fit a presumption.

An off-shoot of the false cause, this one picks an example of a single datum from a large data set which adheres to the conclusion of the person making the argument, ignoring the much larger body of evidence contradicting the claim.

This fallacy is also known as cherry picking or confirmation bias.

I prayed for my wife to be free of cancer and it went into remission. Therefore prayer works!

The above quote obviously ignores the millions of people who prayed and died or the likely treatment received from doctors and technology. Focusing on the single survivor ignores the millions of data showing prayer is ineffective.traditional-marriage

The image to the right is based on a political argument regarding marriage based on the Christian Bible, where the person arguing for biblical marriage ignores the large swaths of verses regarding marriage payments in animals, marrying your rapist, selling of children for marriage, among many other absurdities.

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