Tu quoque

tu quoque

The assumption if someone else does a thing then it’s okay for us to do, too.

The phrase means “Irrelevant thesis” and is a fallacy most often used by little children and, as a result, is amusing to see used by adults. It’s the classic “Billy did it, too!” fallacy sometimes referred to as two wrongs don’t make a right. This fallacy is a red herring.

It is the assertion that somehow the opponent’s argument must be false because he doesn’t follow his own advice.

“You say men and women should be treated equally, but you just made a joke about women drivers”

The joke, even if believed to be true, doesn’t nullify human equally as a possible virtue.

I shouldn’t be punished for murder, because that guy in Florida killed a kid and got away with it!

Murder doesn’t become okay simply because of a possible failure in the penal system. The circumstances, even if identical, don’t affect the truth value of murder as a negative.

It should be noted this is a highly effective red herring, as it often puts the opponent on the defensive.

America has no right to complain about the World trade Center attacks, as they have been bombing people for decades!

While it is true America bombs foreign countries on occasion, this does not make the attack in New York City any less tragic or wrong.

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